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Insurance law and liability insurance

Boasting over half a century of experience in insurance law, De Grandpré Chait can walk you through every step of your file from the very start of the investigation. Our lawyers, practising in insurance law, represent the interests of both insurers and insured, as defendants or plaintiffs, as well as in the recovery of indemnities for which insurers are subrogated. We also act for insurance brokers, private companies, and organizations specialized in insurance.

We have a brilliant track record in resolving very complex problems whose issues overlap real estate law, construction law and business law. This expertise is enhanced through our involvement in the various activities of associations linked to the insurance world, including the Surety Association of Canada, the Insurance Bureau of Canada and the Canadian Bar Association, Insurance Law Section, in addition to publishing and providing training to industry stakeholders.

To better serve your interests when handling an insurance file, we never hesitate to use alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, settlement conferences, or arbitration procedures, which are likely to shorten delays, speed up case settlement, and considerably reduce costs.

Interpretation of insurance contracts

Considering the risks and liabilities associated with the way in which companies do business today, the interpretation of an insurance contract can constitute a major source of conflict between the insured and their insurers. Our insurance lawyers have developed extensive know-how in this key area. Whether we are dealing with insurance policies covering the civil liability of companies (general contractors and subcontractors), professional liability (land surveyors, accountants, lawyers, chartered appraisers) or the liability of corporate officers and directors, we can assist you in the interpretation of the clauses of the insurance policy and determine the extent or limits of your coverage.

Commercial civil liability insurance

Our lawyers act in numerous disputes regarding insurance coverage for the liability of corporations, general contractors or subcontractors. Our expertise in business law and in the field of construction enables us to advise you and intervene efficiently to make sure your rights are protected.

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Civil and professional liability insurance

We represent several professional orders, directly or through their insurers. The mandates entrusted to us mainly originate from major firms, insurers and from the Professional Liability Insurance Fund of the Barreau du Québec. We conduct the defence of individuals and professionals, such as lawyers, accountants and other experts connected to the field of business and the construction industry.

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Surety bonds in the construction industry

We have solid experience in the area of surety bonds. Our lawyers advise many insurers on the different kinds of bonds, namely: bid bonds, performance bonds, as well as labour and material payment bonds. Our team represents insurers in this area both at the time of intervention, i.e. the phase when the bond replaces the entrepreneur in order to complete the performance of the contract in force, to the moment of recovery of amounts paid, as defined in the bond.

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