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Court gives go ahead to Class Action Suit against Tobacco Companies

Montréal, February 21, 2005 - Nearly seven years after its initial filing, the motion for authorization to bring a class action filed by the Québec Council on Tobacco & Health and Mr. Jean-Yves Blais was allowed by the Honourable Pierre Jasmin of the Québec Superior Court. According to Marc Beauchemin lawyer at De Grandpré Chait who represents the Québec Council on Tobacco & Health, "this is a major ruling that will allow us to go ahead and confront tobacco companies with the fact that they are selling a dangerous cancer-causing product as well as with the responsibilities resulting therefrom."

The action will seek compensation for persons suffering from emphysema or having developed lung, throat or laryngeal cancer after having smoked a minimum of 15 cigarettes a day for five years.