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COVID-19: Can my business continue to operate?

March 30, 2020

The Government of Quebec has ordered the shutdown of all companies and businesses for which services were considered non-essential from March 24 to April 13. However, if applicable, remote work and online commerce are permitted.

New assessment role, new tax increase

January 2020

On January 1, 2020, the new property assessment roll came into force for several Québec municipalities, including the City of Montréal. This new assessment roll will serve as the basis for establishing municipal and school taxes for at least the next three years.

No one should ignore the law... and section 107 of the Cannabis Regulation Act

Jannuary 2019

No one should ignore the law... and section 107 of the Cannabis Regulation Act

In a recent decision of the Régie du logement rendered on December 21, 2018 Aguilar c. Hébert, 2018 QCRDL 42318, landlords were authorized to amend an existing lease in order to include a clause prohibiting the use of cannabis in the leased premises and the common indoor and outdoor areas of the building in which the leased premises were situated.

Legalization of cannabis : measures to be taken

December 2018

No one should ignore the law...

With regards to the legalization of cannabis on October 17th, 2018 and recent changes to its regulations, all property owners and/or managers must absolutely take necessary measures to control its use in the building(s) under said-care. Furthermore, up till January 17th, 2019, it will be possible to prohibit the use of cannabis or to set limits thanks to a specific clause modifying an existing lease, regulating or even prohibiting its use in the context of a new lease.

Real estate developers, beware of the increase in monetary guarantees for projects affecting the heritage of the Ville-Marie borough

July 2018

Are you planning to restore a heritage building in the Ville-Marie borough, or to demolish it as part of a replacement project? If so, the following information is not to be taken lightly. On July 5, the Borough Council of Ville-Marie adopted, on its first reading, a project to better protect the neighborhood's heritage, which will affect developers' projects in the borough's heritage areas. The proposed changes increase the monetary guarantees imposed on developers who wish to obtain a demolition or building restoration permit.