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Advantages and disadvantages of arbitration clauses

May 2013

An arbitration agreement is a contract specifically contemplated in, and governed by the Civil Code of Québec, and its validity has long been recognized. This article considers the advantages and disadvantages of the principal characteristics of this type of contractual agreement.

Disciplinary Proceedings

February 2013

The inquiry is completed and the trustee has concluded that a disciplinary complaint should be filed against you. From the investigator that he was, the trustee has become the whistle-blower. And you, once the collaborator, are now facing an adversary seeking to prove your guilt.

The Integrity in Public Contracts Act

February 2013

Unanimously adopted by the National Assembly, the new Integrity in Public Contracts Act ensures that in the future, any company that wishes to enter into a construction or services contract with a government body or municipality must obtain authorisation for that purpose from the AMF.

The syndic's power of inquiry

October 2012

Imagine that the syndic of your professional order contacts you and requires you to send him information and documents pertaining to an inquiry that he is conducting about you. You need to know the level of cooperation required of you, how the syndic will conduct his inquiry and the implications of that inquiry. This is a crucial stage that could have repercussions for you professionally.